The Dog that Turned into a Cat
Join the Revolution. Grab a Shovel 
When 11-year-old Connor Cline falls in love with a Scottish girl Cara Lockhart, he writes her a story to tell her how much he feels about her. When he reads this story, entitled The Dog that Turned into a Cat, out in class and confesses his love publicly, it all backfires. Not only does Cara reject him but also laughs in his face. Heartbroken and furious, Connor sets out on a journey to make sure that Cara Lockhart can never hurt him again…by digging a massive trench between England and Scotland.
Along the way, he encounters unexpected friendships from similar lonely hearts, and Connor and those who joined him end up bound on a journey that cannot end well.
Life. Out of tune.
At an amateur theatre performance in a small country town in England, Dale Michael, a thirty year old audience member falls in love with one of the performers on stage. Dale decides to join the theatre group under the guise of wanting to reconnect with his estranged son, but really to chase his latest conquest. Once there he finds a group of people almost as damaged and needy as him.

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