Megaman Legacy Collection Review – Mega, man!

Megaman Legacy Collection Review – Mega, man!

I played through Megaman Legacy Collection on PS4. There’s issues but they’re the same issues from the original versions of the games. There’s significant slowdown when lots of enemies are on screen in pretty much all six of these games. But in terms of this collection, I did not encounter any ‘new’ technical issues.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150826014912

No one says ‘mega’ any more, do they? I remember when things were ‘mega’. That period in the mid-90’s where things were not only ‘mega’ but they were also ‘groovy’ and, once in a full moon, also ‘hip’. It was a simpler time. A time where a simple little man in a blue combat suit could change gaming. Megaman is bold, brutal and fantastic. And it still is today. Playing through the games again, I almost felt the genesis of games like Dark Souls and Monster HunterMegaman gives you your toolset but also makes you realise your limitations. You’re more than well equipped to wipe out everything in your path, the only enemy is you, the player. You have to learn how to suck it up and deal with it. In short, these games are a joy for anyone who’s interested in a challenge.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150826015116

I feel like everything has been said about the Megaman games. So in this review, I’m not really going to address the games as such. They are untouched, accurate emulations of Megaman 1 – 6. Coming to this collection (a ‘no brainer’ for me as soon as it was announced) I was more interested in the collection as a whole and the extras that would, hopefully, be included.

And there’s a fair, if not fantastic, amount of extra content. My first few hours with the collection were not fantastic. I think the main issue is that Megaman Legacy Collection comes in the shadow of Rare Replay, a sublime labour of love and recollection over 30 Rare titles for the Xbox One. Replay completely raises the bar for classic game collections with making-of videos, looks at cut content and a stamp achievement-style system that ties the whole thing together.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150826015018

In comparison, Megaman Legacy Collection is kind of….almost entirely…shit. What you see is pretty much what you get. Outside of the six titles, you have some cool border art (which is bizarrely not turned on to start with, so go into the menu and enable that off the bat), a beastiary of your enemies which is fine and some concept art. You also get access to the soundtracks which is nice, I guess.

The saving grace of this entire collection is Challenge mode. A bit like NES Remix, Challenge Mode smashes together moments from all six games and serves them up in bite-sized chunks, adding a timer and online leaderboards. The best challenges amalgamate moments from every level in a game and pit you against the clock. It was a mode that I touched on and thought was kinda neat at first…then I lost six hours to trying to get the gold on the Megaman 2 challenge.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150826014951

Challenge mode is just really addictive and for a fan of Megaman it introduces some new, utterly needed, content. It’ll keep me coming back for many months to come. I’m not a very good Megaman player. In fact, you could call me ‘utterly shit’. But I’m going to be chasing those top times, even if I probably won’t make any dent in a leaderboard.

I can’t really know what a new player would think coming into Megaman Legacy Collection. I imagine, at this point, someone completely new to these games might have a hard time with them. But, for me, any excuse to play these games again is fine with me. It’s a real shame that the other elements of the collection are not as good as that awesome Challenge mode.


In Short…

Megaman Legacy Collection is a good deal, but unfortunately it’s not a slam dunk. There’s a few games missing, and some of the extras seem entirely lame. But a great remix Challenge mode and the plain quality of the original products carry it all and make it a cohesive package that fans can feel comfortable dropping some cash on.





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