Kung Fury Review – The Best £2 You’ll Ever Spend

Kung Fury Review – The Best £2 You’ll Ever Spend

I played Kung Fury on PS4 and ran into no technical issues at all.


‘Kung Fury!!!’ proclaims an enthusiastic, delightfully canned announcer as you boot up Kung Fury: Street Rag, a nostalgic two button beat-em-up which bursts at the seams with style and addictive gameplay. You play Mr Kung Fury (I haven’t seen the film, but I’m guessing that’s what he’s called) as he makes his way through a murky back alley punching nazis into bloody piles of bones. Sometimes you shoot Nazis in the face so their heads explode. Sometimes you kick them in the ribs and they burst into a red powder. Kung Fury is just incredible fun and it’s also surprisingly deep.

Kung Fury‘s gameplay reminds me a lot of Divekick. They are both two button games, which use attacks as bizarre ways to traverse the environment. In Kung Fury you can attack left and attack right. If you attack left, you also travel a little in the left direction and so forth with the right too. Simple. But not entirely as specific enemies require more than just a swift punch in the kidneys. The initial wave of nazis take one punch, then comes a big head nazi that takes two, then ninja nazi’s that teleport around you. Then there are nazi robots. Then some enemies called red ninjas according to the trophy list, that I’m not good enough to see yet. These enemies would not be so daunting on their own but when they are all mixed up in waves, it becomes a daunting gauntlet. Add in a combo meter that drops if you miss an attack or get hit and the gameplay almost feels like it’s from a rhythm game.

It’s addictive. It’s stylish. You punch nazis.

In Short…

Kung Fury: Street Rage is a blissfully fun, exhilaratingly addictive punch-a-thon. It’s not going to blow anyone’s mind, but it’s a game that is so accessible, you’ll find yourself going back to it when you’re waiting for an update to install or something like that. It’s also a budget title, so I can’t recommend it enough.


Kung Fury: Street Rage gets 8/10


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