Her Story Review – Oh the Dreadful Wind and Rain

Her Story Review – Oh the Dreadful Wind and Rain

I ‘played’ through Her Story on PC and encountered no issues at all.

her story 1

So straight up, this review is going to be as light on spoilers as possible…which probably means it’s going to be quite short seeing as EVERYTHING IS A SPOILER. Her Story is a ‘game’ by the creative director of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Sam Barlow, and anyone who’s read anything on this blog before probably knows I’m a huge fan of the S’Hills (which I’m pretty sure that no one has ever referred to it as before). Needless to say, that was enough for me to jump in whole-heartedly. I was expecting something for sure, but what I didn’t think I’d find is possibly the greatest detective game ever made.

Her Story casts you (as you) as a guy (or guyette) who has been hired by South East Police to sort out their video databases. You’re looking at one case specifically – the case of a missing man named Simon who is then found dead. One woman was interviewed seven times by police. The interviews have been chopped up in segments for use in the court caseAnd it is up to you to sort the clips out – and maybe along the way find out what really happened.

her story 2

Her Story is not a game. It’s interactive media, so I guess by definition, it is. But there is no real goal to it, there is no real ending. You are driven by your own thirst for knowledge. You are the detective. That’s why this thing will not be for everyone. Some people just won’t have that desire to know or care about what happened. Which is absolutely fine.

However, for the inquisitive mind, Her Story is phenomenal. It is brilliantly crafted, every segment you view leading you into bigger, more revealing testimonies. As I sat down to ‘play’ it, I started off lost. I was searching random words, and didn’t find any pattern in what the woman was saying. And then, about two hours in, something just clicked. I began to understand.

‘Her Story makes you work for the big moments and when they come, they’re as bold and as brilliant as they are earned.’

I would urge everyone who is even slightly interested to give it two hours. The truth of Her Story is hard to find, the breadcrumb trail obscured by information that seems not relevant and random. Hey, being a crime writer, I’m going to say that’s a lot like a real investigation. Once you start finding the truth, Her Story reveals its hand. Her Story makes you work for the big moments and when they come, they as bold and as brilliant as they are earned.

Her Story had me audibly exclaiming, it had me wide-eyed with hand over mouth, it had me lost for words. And at the end of it all, I felt not only satisfied but a little bit chuffed that I had been able to piece it together. Since completing it, I’ve looked on the net and found out that I was totally right (or at least what I think is what other people think too).

That’s really all I can say without going in to more. Maybe I’ll do a spoiler discussion thing another time. But even if not, Her Story will be discussed at length for GOTY stuff.

Her Story gets 5/5.




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